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Big Idea

A social innovation platform that aims to generate trust through crowdfunding, develop cross-sectoral relationships, and strengthen collaboration skills. The platform offers its users an opportunity for collective project funding, a service for educational micro-announcements, a journal of educational innovations, and a learning environment for developing charitable interaction skills.

The social mission of the enterprise is to increase the number of cross-sectoral connections and social capital through the interaction of authors, projects, mentors, and philanthropists.

Over the 10 years of the platform's existence, more than 600 successful projects in culture, education, media, and social entrepreneurship have been funded by ~70 thousand philanthropists for more than $1,500,000 and co-funded by foundations and businesses through partnership programs for ~$800,000.

390 000 UAH

Quality Education

The financial assistance received in 2023 was used to launch and promote a new direction on the platform, as well as to improve the platform's interface to enhance the experience of its users. Part of the funds were also used to consult external experts to strengthen internal processes in the organization, as well as to attract new projects and partners to the platform

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