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We put our focus on training people and creating jobs for those who are outside the traditional labor market due to their circumstances.

The unemployment rate in Ukraine is quite high. This is especially true for people in difficult situations, including people with disabilities, refugees, ex-offenders, veterans, single parents, the homeless people, and so on. Most of them face discrimination and systemic barriers to employment.

We support social enterprises that help to employ, train, or create social and labor rehabilitation and reintegration of these cohorts.

The full list of categories which we support, can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.


Decentralization and devolution of governmental responsibilities continues in Ukraine. In the course of decentralization, the authority to provide various services to the population, including social services, is transferred from the national to the local level, namely to territorial communities. However, these communities often lack the resources and expertise to construct and initiate and implement them effectively. Therefore, it is important for us to use the experience and skills of social entrepreneurs to create local solutions to local problems.

We support social enterprises that develop services at community level. We also support social enterprises that help public authorities to create pilot programs for new services, in particular the Ministry of Social Policy.



We support the development of new services that are valuable for communities and society and improve people's quality of life.

The landscape of modern social problems is changing rapidly. Although the world and Ukraine have made significant progress, many existing social, educational, environmental, and cultural problems continue to grow both in magnitude and complexity. Every year, world and national events (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic) create new challenges.

An entrepreneurial approach with bold innovators and goals works best at developing solutions to contemporary social issues.

We support social enterprises that offer innovative and sustainable solutions and products to address pressing social, environmental, cultural, educational needs and challenges both at the community as well as national and global levels.

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We seek and support innovative and sustainable solutions that address pressing social, environmental, cultural, educational issues.


We fund and support organizations that use a variety of models and approaches, from direct service programs to product development efforts that encourage transformational change. All of them are focused on achieving one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals.



  We achieve efficiency through hard work, innovations and focus on results


  We strive for continuous improvement in all our activities


  We value constructive feedback and learn from our mistakes


   We communicate and act transparently and honestly


  We take responsibility and keep our promises


  We report on our activities


   We strive to build effective relationships


   We value personal responsibility and mutual respect


   We give and expect positive intentions and ethical behavior from our partners


Opportunity to become a leader in the field of social investment in Ukraine and to acquire status in this field

Opportunity to study and communicate with like-minded people in Ukraine and Europe

Possibility to acquire practical skills in the field of social investment by following the "learning by doing" approach

Active role and position as a mentor, member of the Supervisory Board or Investment Board of USVF

Making a personal contribution to qualitative and progressive long-term social change in the country

Opportunity to delegate your own desire of achievement of social changes and resources to a professional organization


Our support of social enterprises is aimed at developing leadership capabilities of their teams and the ability to make strategic choices with a focus on change and growth. Currently, investments are made in the form of conditionally repayable grants
Early stage

We invest at an early stage, which allows social enterprises to introduce products and services to market and starting to scaling up. We work with those companies that have a workable business plan and are at the initial stage of its commercial implementation.

Access to non-financial support

We provide portfolio companies with access to our expertise and a network of consultants who have extensive experience in the business sector to help them achieve sustainability.

Growth stage

We support social enterprises that are confident in the market, but need additional investment to develop their activities and increase social impact. Investments can be used to increase production and sales, expand outlet markets in Ukraine and abroad, conduct additional marketing research, or launch new products.

Post-investment support

To help our companies grow and scale, we offer active post-investment support and guidance in the field of strategy, management, customer engagement, and resource mobilization.

How do we assign social enterprises for investment?

The operations team prepares the contract and agrees on the terms of investment.

Selected projects are invited to the due diligence process where all relevant aspects of the enterprise is discussed before a final investment decision is made.

The Investment Committee decides on the investment provisions to selected social enterprises.

Applications are accepted during the year. Applications are reviewed and projects are selected for investment twice a year.

Informing Ukrainian social entrepreneurs about investment opportunities (through events and information channels of founding organizations, as well as their partners).

Distribution of information

Applications acceptance

Due diligence


Signing of the contract






How do we work with portfolio companies?


Each social enterprise together with a mentor from USVF agrees on a detailed plan for getting investment, developing the enterprise, and determining the basic indicators that the enterprise must achieve.


Every month there is a meeting with the mentor to check the progress status of the social enterprise.


The social enterprise receives investments in accordance with the approved schedule.


In the intervals between mentor meetings there are ongoing individual consultations and training on the various aspects of social enterprise development that meet the specific needs of the enterprise.

Our investors join USVF through regular reports, news, investor club meetings and involvement in the Investment Committee.

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