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Conference on impact investing and social entrepreneurship "Impact in the Neighborhood"

The conference will bring together more than 150 experts who are scaling impact globally to share their experiences.

Experienced social impact scaling experts will discuss successes and failures in building ecosystems, including how this happens in complex sociopolitical contexts. They will also present best practices and lessons learned from 25+ countries, including Ukraine, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and many others.

When: June 28-29, 2023

Where: Georgia, Tbilisi

Who will benefit from the conference?

  • social entrepreneurs and those who develop an ecosystem for them

  • representatives of the state, public organizations, foundations

  • Impact investors and those interested in developing this area

  • businesses that want to add social impact to their development strategy

The main topics that brought together experts from all over Europe:

  • How to create impact funds and ensure access to financing for impact businesses - even with seemingly limited resources

  • How to build long-term partnerships with corporations, banks, municipalities, or public authorities

  • Policy frameworks for developing entrepreneurship that has a greater impact on society

  • Factors that distinguish traditional investments from impact investments

  • Impact financing for social entrepreneurs: what it is, why it is important and what is needed to implement it in new or challenging markets

Join the community of change makers and register for the conference!


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