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Impact in the Neighbourhood conference summary

Last week marked a significant milestone for our team as part of the #Collaborate4Impact project. Representing Ukraine, the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, SILab Ukraine, and our international partners were at the heart of the community of change-makers at the #ImpactInTheNeighbourhood conference held in Tbilisi.

Together with esteemed experts in impact investing, we actively explored solutions and planned opportunities to foster the growth of the social entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem in the Eastern Partnership region.

On the main stage of the conference dedicated to impact investing in the Eastern Partnership region, Alena Kalibaba (CEO), Anna Gulevska-Chernysh (Chair of the Board), and Valeriia Tkach (Communications Manager) presented Ukraine's experience. We emphasized the significance of supporting Ukraine, creating new prospects, and driving legislative changes. Our team once again witnessed the unwavering support of international leaders, who stand ready to provide reliable assistance on our journey towards victory and transformation.

A heartfelt thank you goes to our remarkable Georgian partners, Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) and EVPA, for orchestrating this powerful event.

Also we express our gratitude to the European Union for their financial support of our endeavors through the #Collaborate4Impact project. This support has enabled us to acquire vital knowledge, valuable experience, and fruitful partnerships that contribute to progress in achieving an inclusive, cost-effective, and sustainable future for our region.

The project "Collaborate for Impact" is implemented in partnership with EVPA with the financial support of the DG NEAR EU Programme.
The project aims to support and develop social enterprise ecosystems in the Eastern Partnership countries. The main project partners in Ukraine are SILab Ukraine and the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund.


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