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USVF Report for 2023: The second year of fighting the consequences of the russian war

"Reflecting on the journey we have completed in 2023, a vision of unwavering resilienceand boundless faith in the better future of our country unfolds as I look back at it. This year, more than ever, our core principles — innovation, responsibility, and most importantly, mutual support — have become a beacon guiding us through the haze of challenges posedby the russian war!"— Olena Kalibaba, СЕО Ukrainian Social Venture Fund
ukrainian social venture fund

We always talk about the importance of measuring the impact and effectiveness of activities. After all, retrospection allows you to see your strengths and work on your weaknesses, clearly outline your achievements and set new, even more ambitious goals. This process is important not only for such funds that cooperate with powerful international partners, but for everyone, especially social enterprises and impact businesses!

Read the USVF report for 2023! Discover more about our main challenges, solutions, and partnerships that helped us cross the UAH 15 million mark in support of Ukrainian social enterprises and impact businesses.


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