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USVF and WNISEF launch the StartUp4Good project

We're thrilled to announce collaboration with the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, which supports initiatives to promote reforms in Ukraine and transformational projects!

The program StartUp4Good is aimed at developing social startups and young social enterprises to help them reach the level of stable and sustainable companies. It will contribute to the launch of new micro and small businesses, as well as the employment of veterans, internally displaced persons, and other vulnerable groups. "In the face of severe social and humanitarian challenges, loss of homes and jobs, and forced displacement, social enterprises are becoming a navigator of change. By integrating business innovation with social responsibility, they support the economy and promote sustainable development, which is key to our recovery at the local and national levels," - emphasized Olena Kalibaba, USVF CEO.

Within the StartUp4Good project we will:

  • educate social entrepreneurs to launch and develop their businesses 

  • provide grants with the financial support to the 5 best teams based on the results of the incubation program 

  • enable mentoring support for graduates after the incubator is completed.

"For the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, it is important to support initiatives that allow vulnerable people to find ways to solve their problems on their own. Entrepreneurial approaches, in our opinion, are the best tool for this. The Ukrainian Social Venture Fund has developed a critical program to support social enterprise startups, which we have joined." - Vasyl Nazaruk, Impact Investing Program Director, Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

 ___________ About organizers: The program will be implemented with the financial support of WNISEF and in partnership with SILab Ukraine. Grants to the 5 winning companies will be provided under the #Collaborate4Impact project, funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with Impact Europe.

Western NIS Enterprise Fund is transforming the lives of ordinary people in Ukraine and Moldova. Silab Ukraine is a platform for the development of social entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as building social partnerships.  Impact Europe is a network that invests in impact and brings together capital providers and social innovators.


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